Reliable financial advice

Buying a house is not something you do every week. And all the financial aspects related to this are also not your daily work. You really want only one thing: the support of a professional and reliable mortgage advisor. Someone who is able to step in your shoes. Someone who has only your interest in mind and handles your matters that way. That is what we do at For Finance. We know that concluding a mortgage is a far-reaching step that has to keep you feeling comfortable for many years to come!

Are we more expensive than other mortgage advisors? No, but we are very much involved with our clients. Perhaps that is the key to our success. It is no wonder that we refer to ourselves as ‘your financial guide’.

For Finance does more for you!

Mortgage advice is our major occupation, but For Finance has more to offer. We can organise your necessary private insurances. Here too, we always examine your personal situation. We never look for standard solutions.

In addition to advice, For Finance offers you financial insight. We are able to fit the ownership of your home and the mortgage in a wider and mainly future-oriented plan, in other words: Financial Planning. This does not have to be complicated, but it does provide clarity.

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    Dynamic financial advice

    Right now, you want to arrange the financing your house. Yet there are things that can occur in your life, which will affect your mortgage and therefore your financial future. For Finance knows all about that and is happy to advise you. Feel free to make an appointment if you want to speak with one of our specialists about how you can plan for:

    • Marriage
    • Children
    • Dismissal
    • Occupational disability
    • Divorce
    • Pension
    • Death

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